Beautiful Bride: Cynthia

Just when I think I've seen it all or that these were some of the best wedding day images I've seen....I'm thrown back once again.  Literally when I received Cynthia's images today I just couldn't decide which ones I wanted.  Every detail and thought that went into this wedding was beautifully captured in a time-capsule.  From the hand made brooches bouquet, to the bright umbrellas, to the neon pink and bright purple eyeshadow she decided on, down to the end of the night beach cruiser ride off....this wedding was truly a fairy tale.

Cynthia, I want to thank you for always thinking of me when makeup is on your mind.  I love you, your sweet mom and dear Chris.  Wishing you all much happiness! 

Photographer: Jennifer Warthan
Makeup: Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards
Hair: Nicholas Carinci

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