My New Corioliss 18mm wand

Lastnight & Today
(as you can see the waves are still in today without retouching)

My kind friends at Misikko were kind enough to send me my first ever Corioliss curling iron and I was able to put it to use last night. I've always been funny about these wands because I didn't want to get my finger tips burnt. Yet again I've always wanted to accomplish a beach wavy hair look but just didn't know how. This wand was the answer to it all!! I found that the Corioliss wand is better for a wave look vs a tight curl.

The 18mm lets you curl, wave or flip you hair into amazing styles. The simple effective design guides the hair for perfect curl formation , giving you beautiful results every time. Tourmaline infused ceramic barrel emits far infrared heat technology to lock in moisture. Fast heat up time and high temperature performance. Negative ion technology eliminates static resulting in hair that is soft, silky and shiny. Professional 360 swivel cord.

Love this wand...can't wait to use it again!