My Hair with HANA!

See that picture below...I had a lot of those split ends going on. So it was time to see my hairstylist Noelia after a good 4 months. Wearing my wild hair is much more convenient during Summer months while working out and bearing with the Virginia Beach heat. Since I needed a major trim and deep condition I decided to get my hair straightened...I took along my new HANA titanium flat iron and finishing products from my friend John at Misikko for her to use in place of her products.

Convenient storage and heat resistant mat is a must to care for your flat irons.

Out with the old in with the new...I'm in love with my new flat iron! I couldn't believe how much longer the hair has gotten....when its' all crinkled up you really cant see the growth. This will probably last me a good two weeks...with this heat I cant promise anything. :-)

I hope everyone had a safe and great weekend!