Video Shoot: David Banner x 9th Wonder feather ft. Heather Victoria "Slow Down"

Last weekend I was booked to be the make-up artist for David Banner's music video "Slow Down". It was a long weekend of straight up work and some play... I truly enjoyed myself during this job. Everyone was great and I met some awesome people. David's album entitled Death of a Popstar will be dropping soon so make sure you check it out and I'll post the video once it's may see it on BET. ENJOY the pics and sorry it took me a while to post to take a nap. :-)

club scene

David and 9th Wonder

I can make a mans face look flawless. ;-)

This is me going

my treasure

This is Heather Victoria...that's her lovely voice on the song.

They were already beautiful...I just enhanced it.

I love this look!!

Jewels are a girls bestest friend!!

Dress made by no other then Mikasa La'Charles
I gave her a purple winged eye....I'm upset the pic wasn't clear enough. sigh

touch up time

The one and only RAH DIGGA

Taken away by agents Matt &

another scene location...lovely view huh

Nottz, David, 9th and Justin

Here are some of David's popular songs you may have heard .....

David Banner - Get Like Me ft. Chris Brown, Young Joc

David Banner - Play